Monday, March 24, 2008


Reading movie reviews

Read the movie reviews and tell me which movie you would watch and why. Leave your opinion in the comment area below.

The holiday


Anonymous said...

Sarah / Teacher:Camila

1)In my birthday my mum gave me a new was worth some extra bucks!

2)If you study english, it goes without saying... you have to buy the english book.

3)Get real Rachel,Tom loves Susan!

4) - What happened with you Susan?
- What? What is wrong?
- I'm just picking on you!!

Anonymous said...

Fernanda Augusta
Teacher: Camila Souza

Well I would watch teh comedy Zoolander because I love comedy, laugh and mostly have fun with a film portrayed by Ben Stiller!

The Holiday I have already watched...And Rocky, I don't like this kind of film (Action, Fight, Boxe)...

Anonymous said...

augusto Xavier Borges
I choose the zoolander because it's hilarious,and I like comedy films.

Anonymous said...

Teacher: Camila

Student: Luiza

I want to see Zoolander but the articule sayd: " I wouldn’t recommend it for children under 13." and I'm 12 so I can't see Zoolander.

Anonymous said...

Teacher: Camila
Student: Bruna

I would like to see Zoolander because I love comedy films. I think this film is so funny and make me laugh very much. So if you’re looking for a movie to watch and giggle at ... this is the one!

Anonymous said...

Sarah / Teacher: Camila

I would watch the romantic comedy "The Holiday" because I think this film is funny and interesting!

Anonymous said...

Thales Teacher camila.

I would watch "Rocky", because is a classic of films. This realese tell abaout man falling in love for woman who works in pet shop.

marcelojuniorffix said...
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Anonymous said...

Larissa Dionisia:)
Teacher Camila

I have watched the three films and I recommend The Holiday because it's so good.In the cast there are only great actors:Cameron Diaz,Jack Black, Jude Law and Kate Whinslet. The plot is magical because is funny and romantic at the same time.Watch and you'll see.

marcelojuniorffix said...

Student: Marcelo
Teacher: Camila

I've choose The Holyday 'cause I've already seen the movie. It's very good. The other 2 I haven't seen yet, but I'll try... It's a very good Romance Comedy.